EMG2 works with international partners for whom we are your technical and commercial contacts. We are at your disposal to help you pick up the best among their various product and to recommend the most suitable solutions for your project.

3D-PLUS, a French company based in Buc, designs products with very high Integration and Reliability  (shocks, vibrations, thermal cycling greater than 2000 cycles), based on 3D technology. Their know-how allows, among other things, to significantly reduce the memory size on digital cards with very high density memory modules with very large buses. 3D PLUS can also carry out tailor-made SiP (System-In-Package) developments for the miniaturization of heterogeneous electronic functions, with the possible addition of special anti-tampering features or encapsulation options.


BittWare (Molex group), based in Concord (NH) in the United States, develops and offer electronic cards based on the most efficient FPGAs on the market (ALTERA, XILINX and ACHRONIX), equipped with very high speed transmission interfaces (SFP , QSFP up to 400GigE) and various memory options (DDR4, QDRII, ..). Bittware offers these hardware acceleration solutions in PCIe or NVMe (U.2, M.2) formats, but can also carry out tailor-made developments, provide various software tools and frameworks and offer turnkey solutions through system integration services in servers.

Inova Semiconductors GmbH, a German company based in Munich, has developed a very high speed serial link technology (LVDS / APIX links) for the transmission of uncompressed video streams in real time up to 13Gbps (30Gbps with DSC compression), along with additional bidirectionnal data communication (Ethernet, I2C, SPI, audio…) on a single cable with excellent EMC performance. INOVA has also developed ISELED technology to optimize the driving of thousands of LEDs independently, allowing a simplified implementation and calibration for dynamic ambient lighting and LED panel applications, especially for the automotive market.


Libest is a Korean company that creates and markets innovative batteries of very low thickness, light and flexible, dedicated to any application requiring a very small footprint or a certain flexibility such as connected objects (VR headsets, watches, connected glasses, etc.). Libest technology is recognized and received an “Innovation Awards” at CES 2020. Designed with Lithium technology, these batteries are available in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable versions.

NAT (“Network and Automation Technologies”), a German company, based in Bonn specializes in the hardware and software development of electronic equipment for the acquisition and processing of signals and video, instrumentation, test benches as well as wired and wireless network communications. To offer maximum scalability and modularity, NAT has turned to innovative technologies such as MicroTCA standard (µTCA and AMC) or VPX which offer many advantages to meet the performance demands of its customers. NAT also propose tailor-made developments from the electronic card to the complete integrated system in a chassis.

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NETZER Precision, a company based in Israel, has been designing and manufacturing high precision absolute position encoders since 1998 around their Electric Encoder ™ technology with a range of catalog products and custom developments. Their unique contactless technology (“hollow shaft”) ensures very high compactness and low inertia, as well as great robustness and longevity. A unique technology to meet high performance needs for the development of industrial or medical automation robots, but also for use in harsh environments, including space, thanks to these solutions’ intrinsic immunity to radiation.

OLENERGIES, a company based in France (Paris area), designs and manufactures new generation of batteries, highly efficient, connected and above all respectful of the environment. The range of products offered is based on Lithium LFP (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate) technology to offer a very high energy density for a limited volume and weight, with above all, very good durability and a guarantee of quality and reliability. Olenergies Lithium batteries also offer greater safety compared to other Lithium technologies for use in many areas, both stationary, for mobility and even in critical systems and harsh environments.


PRAX Power is a Spanish company based in Barcelona, specializing in the design and manufacture of custom inductors, transformers, EMC filters and other windings, to adapt to many use cases, mainly around the Power Conversion markets. Prax Power has a solid Know-how around an experienced R&D team in the study, definition and simulation of such electromagnetic products in order to optimize performance, format, materials as well as production costs, notably thanks to their factory in Asia. Prax Power also offers some catalog products and cross-references from several other manufacturers.

Redler Technologies, is an Israeli company founded in 1994, specializing in power distribution (PDU), smart circuit breaker and motor control solutions. Such products are available in wide temperature ranges and in high reliability versions to meet industrial, automotive, as well as harsh environments around defense and aeronautics. Redler technologies also has expertise in software tools to facilitate the implementation and operation of its products and can also carry out tailor-made developments.


RENICE, a company based in Shenzen, China, is a supplier of high quality, high reliability and high performance data storage solutions for industrial or in harsh environments applications. Its product offering includes SSD disks of various formats (RSATA, mSATA, halfslim, NVMe M.2 and U.2, etc.) as well as memory cards or data storage cards (VPX 3U and 6U). RENICE products are manufactured and tested to withstand stresses in shock, vibration and very high temperatures and can also integrate security options via logical or physical destruction of data or through AES 256 encryption.

Seven Solutions is a Spanish company based in Granada, born from the grouping of engineers and PhDs specializing in information technology, complex digital systems (FPGA and programmable logic, CPU and DSP) and high performance computing platforms. Initially focused on specific developments of on-board systems based on specifications, the company has gradually specialized in clock transmission and synchronization technologies with the main target of the White Rabbit standard, widely used in scientific applications around particles accelerators for example.