Bank and Finance

Risk analysis ///

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In the world of finance and trading, the use of overwhelming probabilistic models and complex mathematical functions has quickly become the norm. Such quantitative analysis or Quant is now highly automated by machines but it sometimes implies very sophisticated algorithms based on impressive amounts of data and parameters. Hence, rooms full of servers or whole data centers could be required in order to modelize the stock market as closely as possible and anticipate its fluctuations. While CPUs / GPUs are still heavily used today for such intensive computing, more modern FPGA-based architectures are starting to take off.



Calculations and Hardware acceleration

HFT and trading ///

Despite its associated risks of complete loss of control, low latency trading (or HFT for High Frequency Trading) has experienced a remarkable growth over the past decades. The goal was simple: Benefit from the network latency to retrieve information from the stock market in distant countries before their formalization and perform as many financial micro-transactions as possible in a few microseconds. And to achieve this, you have to go fast, very fast, but above all faster than all the others. In this respect, you have to exploit the most advanced electronic technologies available.



Network and Communications, High speed transmission (>100Gbps), Calculations and Hardware acceleration

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Crypto-currency ///

Crypto currency

Long before the buzz around Bitcoin and other similar cryptographic currencies like Monero or Ethereum, the principle of virtual or encrypted currencies was already widespread. Their use was often suspicious and this type of transaction has long been considered borderline as it allowed anonymous and “hidden” payments. While each new virtual currency brings its share of innovation and security, the basic principle remains the same. It relies on more or less complex algorithms and mechanisms, exploiting the Blockchain and often requiring fantastic computing resources.



Calculations and Hardware acceleration

Fintech ///

In addition to the trading and risk analysis activities mentioned above, Fintech (Contraction of “finance” and “Technology”) covers a very wide field of applications for which electronics and the latest technologies remain at the heart of concerns. You have to be fast, be precise, store, exchange and process huge amounts of data in order to get the most reliable predictions and models. Automatisation has quickly become obvious and we quickly saw the emergence of robot advisors and artificial intelligence to provide financial advice and ensure portfolio management with ever less human involvement



Calculations and acceleration, Network and Communications

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