Video surveillance ///


Patrols and rounds are almost over. Now, surveillance and prevention are done remotely via camera systems strategically positionned to instantly get the whole view of various perimeters and sites, whether public or private. Big Brother is not yet watching us in all our actions but video surveillance is experiencing a tremendous boom. This is reflected in the massive deployment of image acquisition and processing resources, but also in their automation through artificial intelligence and ever more efficient facial or object recognition systems.



Machine Learning/AI, Vision and lighting, Acquisition and Instrumentation, Network and Communications, Data storage

Cybersecurity/Anti-DDoS ///

The digital transformation is underway: Everything is more and more computerized, digitized or even stored in the Cloud. Data constantly travels over networks, including the most sensitive information and the slightest security breaches can then be exploited to retrieve information, disrupt systems, or even take distant control of resources. The constraints on network infrastructures and computer systems are enormous to guard against the risks of hacking and other DDoS attacks.



High speed transmission (>100Gbps), Calculations and Hardware acceleration, Data storage, Encryption and Compression


Discrete systems ///

Surveillance camera behind a tree. Vignetting was added.

Obtaining strategic information can sometimes be done to the detriment of people who are being watched or eavesdropped on without knowing, for judicial or internal security needs. The concerned services often have recourse to imperceptible electronic systems capable of collecting or transmitting data or information without being detected. Such discrete systems must be completely autonomous and integrate sensors, communication, processing or storage elements as miniaturized as possible.



Miniaturization, Thin and flexible batteries, Micro-Cameras, Acquisition and Instrumentation, Gateway IoT et Private Networks, Data storage

SigInt ///

In the field of civil security, the main challenge is to anticipate possible threats. It is therefore necessary to be informed of any inclination or intention to harm others, while respecting the privacy. In the Internet age and in an increasingly mobile world, the multitude of electromagnetic signals that flood us constitutes the main source of intelligence. We are speaking about ROEM (intelligence of electromagnetic origin) or SIGINT (Signal Intelligence). The means required for detection, analysis and interpretation of such signals are colossal both in terms of computing power and complexity of electronic systems.



Calculations and Hardware acceleration, Acquisition and Instrumentation, Network and Communications, Data storage, Energy Conversion, Power and Control motor