SDR (Software Defined radio) ///


With the explosion of bandwidths and wireless means of communication and to ensure the scalability and sustainability of infrastructures, it quickly became necessary to design agile and flexible radio equipment. SDR or Software Defined Radio, by its ability to interconnect quickly by software reconfiguration with many types of modulations and protocols in a transparent manner, has thus become an obvious solution to this problem.



SDR Cards, Acquisition and Instrumentation, Data storage

IoT and wireless networks  ///

Internet of things, wireless communication network, abstract image visual

The profound transformation of our lifestyles has only been possible with the emergence of new means of communication allowing ever more mobility. And consequently, this incessant mobility leads to growing demands for new means of wireless data exchanges, both to maintain our social link, as well as for professional or entertainment needs. Nowadays, those new forms of communication do not only concern people but also any kind of objects and systems which must be communicative and connected.



Gateway IoT and Private Networks, Acquisition and InstrumentationData Storage,  Miniaturization

Datacenters ///

The growing demand for mobility, new services and virtualization, both in the professional environment and for individuals, entails enormous needs for bandwidth and data storage which must be accessible at all times and on any device. Today everything is in the Cloud, but behind this rather abstract term lies complex infrastructures for exchanging, collecting and managing data. Whether your access is wired or wireless, the point of convergence is often materialized by impressive datacenters which must remain accessible and operational at all times.



High speed transmission (>100Gbps), Calculations and hardware acceleration, Data Storage, Energy conversion

3D Rendering