Scientific Instrumentation ///


Whether for the development of measurement tools at the subatomic scale, for complex optical instruments or for radio telescopes, electronics are now at the heart of these scientific systems, in order to extend as much as possible the field of perception. The needs for innovation are however very strong to offer a maximum of sensitivity and precision around the sensors, to shape the signals and to exploit them in an appropriate way, often with real-time constraints.



Acquisition and Instrumentation, Calculations and Hardware acceleration, Industrial Vision Platform,
Data storage, Energy Conversion, Miniaturization

calculation (HPC) and Simulation ///

The simulation of theoretical models which are often including a multitude of parameters and variables, involves an astronomical amount of calculation that a simple PC or server cannot simply process. This is also the case to study new complex scientific hypotheses or to process data collected during various experiments. To support researchers, High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions in very large data centers are needed to try to get results as quickly as possible, relying on leading-edge technologies.



Calculations and Hardware acceleration, Acquisition and Instrumentation, Network et Communications, Data storage

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High energy physics ///

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As surprising as it may seem, studying the smallest components of matter requires the largest and most complex scientific instrumentation. This is called high-energy physics because to observe or even generate the tiniest particles, impressive amounts of energy must be delivered within gigantic installations. It is therefore important to be able to control, measure and process all events with precision and to allow that, innovation and high-end electronic developments are critical.



Acquisition and Instrumentation, MicroTCA, Calculations and Hardware acceleration, Network and Communications, Data storage, Energy Conversion, Power and Control motor, Services

Life sciences ///

To gain a better understanding of living mechanisms, two approaches are often considered: experimentation with, for example, the development of cutting-edge imaging instruments or simulation often involving very complex calculations on large quantities of variables as is the case around genomics. This leads to ever more impressive technological developments in which electronic innovation is of paramount significance.



Calculations and Hardware acceleration, Industrial Vision Platform, Acquisition and Instrumentation, Network and Communications, Data storage

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