Custom Development ///

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Having a wide range of solutions is good, being able to get a product that exactly meets all of your criteria is even better!
Most of the solutions we offer can be modified and adapted to your needs on request. We can also offer additional solutions to better integrate these products into your project.
Whether for FPGA boards, miniaturization needs, communication or instrumentation platforms, data or energy storage systems or even energy conversion and motor control solutions, if you cannot find the solution that suits you on our site, contact us!
We can provide you with experienced and qualified R&D teams to provide you with tailor-made solutions, according to your specifications.

Systems integration ///

Some of our products interest you but you do not have the resources or the means to integrate them into your project?
Depending on the solutions, we can offer you integration into more complete systems in order to have a more global solution with a limited TTM. This is the case for most of our electronic cards which can be integrated into servers or chassis with power supply, cooling, CPU cards, but also connectors and cables via various other partners.
Do not hesitate to consult us for more information on possible integration services around our products.

intégration systèmes

Tools, IP and Frameworks ///

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Most of our solutions come with various tools and software layers, or even complete Frameworks, to provide you with a more complete and easy-to-use solution. Far from providing the complete application for a turnkey solution, the tools and IPs (in the context of FPGAs) offered will allow you to save precious time in the R&D and development phases of your projects.
We can also integrate the know-how of other partners to fill any gaps and offer support or additional software bricks.

Obsolescence managements ///

The duration to maintain in operational conditions certain products, particularly in aeronautics, transport and the military, are often several tens of years, which implies enormous constraints on the durability and long-term availability of electronic systems. While mid-life re-designs are possible, qualification and certification costs may make this solution economically unviable for our customers.
Most of our solutions are designed to respond to these issues related to the management of obsolescence and specific agreements, proposals for alternative solutions and other preventive actions can also be considered to reduce the risks related to the life cycle as much as possible. In terms of components and memories, we can also offer some tailor-made developments for functional replacement, compatible pin-to-pin.


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