x-ray image of permanent pacemaker implant in chest body , process in blue tone

Modern medicine increasingly relies on electronic solutions implanted or infiltrated into the human body for assistance, monitoring or collection of information in order to establish a medical prognosis (pacemaker, artificial organs or muscles , ingestible pills, various probes,…). The objective is therefore to be as less invasive as possible in order to ensure a maximum of comfort and aesthetics. Very small dimensions, reliability, autonomy, low consumption as well as the intrinsic quality of the products are then important parameters in this type of applications.



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Medical instrumentation is constantly evolving in order to provide valuable assistance in the medical diagnosis or treatment of various pathologies. For example, the development of sophisticated medical imaging devices (X-rays, MRI, PET, tomography) or of proton-based or radiofrequency therapy devices, require cutting-edge technology. The devices used must be reactive, precise, sensitive with very high performances, while guaranteeing the safety of the patients but also of the doctors and operators.



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Colonoscopy technology concept with 3d rendering x-ray endoscope inside of intestine

Just a few years ago, undergoing fiberoptic surgery was no picnic. Today, patient comfort and reduced hospital stay are key principles in the medical community. It is therefore important that devices like endoscopes becomes the least invasive possible during surgical procedures and various other examinations of the what is happening in human body (fibroscopy, colonoscopy, cystoscopy, etc.).



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Whether in cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, the use of patches is more and more common for transdermal administration of various treatments or to locally treat specific ailments (care against wrinkles, dark circles, cellulite, patch against smoking, contraceptives). It is therefore essential to be able to measure or limit with precision the penetration of various molecules into the epidermis, the dermis, and even more in depth. The constraint then relates to the natural protection of the skin, which limits the rate of penetration of many active ingredients. Iontophoresis can then be an interesting and innovative answer.



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Electro physiotherapy electrical impulse stimulation rehabiliation treatment from injury in hospital clinic patch with electrical stimulus.