Automation and Robotics ///

Factory 4.0 concept : View of Gripper on universal robot is sorting goods on automatic conveyor by vision system in smart warehouse

Industry 4.0 is here and with it, the explosion of factory automation and robotization to optimize industrial and logistic processes. But automated systems are also more and more present in our daily lives, from elevators / escalators to service and household robots. The higher performance ones could be seen as  technological marvel exploiting the latest innovations in terms of precision, communication, calculation or power.



Machine Learning / AI, Vision and lighting, Acquisition and Instrumentation, Network and Communications, Data Storage, Energy Conversion, Miniaturization, Power and Control motor, Services

Special machines / worksites ///

From the industrial world to construction sites, enormous electromechanical systems and special fixed or mobile machines are sprouting up under many forms. Their role: to assist or replace humans in the most demanding tasks, whether for conveying, stacking, excavation, leveling or drilling. The powers delivered are often impressive and require high amounts of energy with all the associated control and security constraints, not to mention the gradual arrival of artificial intelligence and automation.



Power and Control motor, Acquisition and Instrumentation, Energy Conversion

Giant bucket wheel excavator for digging the brown coal, Czech Republic, industrial place

Industrial Vision ///


The eye is by far our most used organ to perceive and analyze our environment. Thus, it is logically the one that we seek to reproduce as faithfully as possible, but also to amplify and automatize for industrial activities of visual analysis and production control. Forgotten the simple glasses, microscopes and telescopes, these systems now use sophisticated cameras and optical systems, coupled with artificial intelligence and image recognition algorithms requiring high-tech electronic means.



Industrial Vision Platform , Micro-Caméras, Machine learning/IAAcquisition and Instrumentation, Data storage, Miniaturization,

Sensors and connected Objects ///

The automation of industrial processes within the framework of Industry 4.0 and the introduction of new means of predictive maintenance are driving the explosion of measurement and detection systems in industry, which must of course be easily operated. Sensors and objects in a more general way must therefore be connected, preferably wirelessly, to carry out various actions at any time, collect information or simply confirm their operating state. The IoT is there and more prevalent in the industry than ever before with ever-changing electronic needs.



Miniaturization, Thin and flexible batteries, Acquisition and Instrumentation, Gateway IoT and Private Networks, Data storage, Energy Conversion

Industry4.0 and IoT(Internet of Things). Factory automation system. AI(Artificial Intelligence).

Test benches ///

close-up high pressure diesel fuel pump test bench on work

In order to guarantee the level of performance and reliability of electronic or electromechanical products under the desired conditions, strict protocols of tests and measurements  must be carried out, equally during development, production and maintenance phases. Of course, the more complex and advanced the systems are, the more efficient the associated test benches must be. This implies the integration of advanced technologies that are sometimes much more sophisticated than the system under test themselves, to ensure the detection of the slightest faults.



Acquisition and Instrumentation, Calculations and Hardware acceleration, Industrial Vision Platform, Data storage, Energy Conversion, Power and Motor control, Services