Power and motor control

Servo and motor control ///

For your robotic applications or for the realization of automation and mechatronic systems, the precision, the reliability and the mechanical integration optimization are often key criteria. Our DC / BLDC motor and servomotor control modules are very versatile for all these problems and also reconcile a strong integration for a limited weight. Defined for both industrial and military applications in ruggedized versions, these modules remain easily configurable with intuitive programming tools and various access modes. They also have electrical protection blocks and all the digital and analog inputs / outputs required to allow you to quickly carry out fine and precise control of your various actuators.

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Intelligent smart circuit breakers ///

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We know that protection against short circuits, peak currents and overvoltages are key points in the design of electrical networks, especially when high power is involved. For this purpose, we offer smart circuit breakers for the protection of your electromechanical systems. With many parameters that can be reconfigured in-situ or remotely via serial communication buses but also with the integration of physical and logical protection functions, these products allow you to control and monitor your electrical circuits in real time in order to detect and react instantly to any anomaly. Automatic recovery modes according to pre-established scenarios can also be configured, as well as the storage of specific events for maintenance needs.

Energy distribution ///

The diversity of actuators and electrical/electronic components in vehicles and other electromechanical systems implies a methodical and precise study of the distribution of energy to properly isolate and distribute power to the various components while ensuring protection and precise sequencing. Our PDU (Power Distribution Unit)  are there to greatly simplify your task with the integration in a very compact form factor of numerous functions for the management, distribution and protection of multiple electrical channels along with processing electronics, easy to configure through intuitive tools. All this allows you to bring intelligence and multiple configuration possibilities in the realization of your electrical circuits with a perfect control of the sequencing when starting or turning off the power supplies.

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Encoders ///


To complete our motor control solutions and to ensure the most optimized servo loop possible for maximum performance in robotic applications for example, we offer a range of absolute position rotary electrical encoders, characterized by high precision and high compactness (Low profile) for very limited weight and inertia.
The technology of these encoders ensure excellent reliability, even in extreme environments whether in temperature, shock, vibration and even radiation while guaranteeing an incomparable level of performance.