Digital modules ///

Module numérique miniaturisation

Even the smallest systems could benefit from elaborate computational resources. We offer in the form of very compact 3D modules, real digital cores incorporating, for example, FPGAs coupled with several memory blocks (flash, DDR, etc.) as well as decoupling functions and power supply. The use of such modules is thus greatly simplified since the great complexity of the routing is carried out internally, leaving only the useful signals outside (communication buses, GPIOs and various signals). This also allows more reliability and a limited TTM because all what you have to do is to program this module and connect it with the required elements of your system.

System-in-Package (SiP) ///

SiP (System-in-Package) are innovative, reliable and proprietary solutions optimized in size which will allow you to obtain a very strong integration and to simplify their use into your systems both from a mechanical point of view and when routing on your PCBs.
They integrate several electronic components in the same package to achieve a complete function in a minimum volume in 3D. Whether your schematic integrates several active (analog, digital, sensors) and passive components (capacitors, resistors, inductors), in the form of chips or packaged, we can study its integration thanks to several technologies in order to optimize the mechanical size of such more or less complex electronic functions, facilitate their use and even improve their performance.

AI - artificial intelligence CPU concept. Hologram above CPU. Machine learning. CPU on the board with glow tracks. Background scientific concept in blue light, 3D illustration
system in package SIP

Anti-Tampering ///

security lock symbol on circuit board.3d rendering,conceptual image.

To secure certain critical systems or simply to ensure the protection of IP and confidential electronic architectures, we offer several innovative anti-tampering techniques, in order to prevent any reverse engineering and visual analysis activity. The principle is simple: encapsulate several electronic components as well as their main signals in a box. On top of that, several techniques can be considered whether by the use of resins with specific opacity properties, the integration of parasitic circuitry or internal/external meshes, but also through the use of physical or chemical destruction means.

Thin and flexible batteries ///

To provide power supply to small systems (payment cards, TAG, IoT, Sensors, etc.) or for applications where thickness and flexibility are important parameters,  we offer very thin and flexible energy storage solutions in various formats like printable batteries or paper batteries. These products offer voltages from 1.5V to 5V with capacities up to several hundreds or thousands of mAh for a thickness of only few mm and lower.
Patches incorporating such batteries (cosmetic or pharmaceutical applications) are also available.