DDR4 wide bus memory ///

Your card or system requires a very large amount of DDR memory with severe constraints on performance, access time and reliability, but you serioulsy lacking space? We offer ideal solutions through very high density memory modules (DDR3 or DDR4), integrating several memory chips in a single very compact component, to offer a very large memory capacity but also very wide access buses of 32 72-bit, to offer the equivalent of a SO-DIMM, soldered onto your card.
In addition to the obvious gains in reliability (robust solution to shocks and vibrations over extended temperature ranges), you save enormous space on your electronic board with simplified routing. These solutions are ideal for the production of on-board mass memories, including aeronautical and military ones, with Pb or Rohs terminations and French manufacture (ITAR Free).

Memoire DDR4

Hardened data storage ///


For the realization of computers, embedded systems and industrial PCs in harsh environments, the choice of data recording medium is often decisive. To help you in this process, we offer a whole range of ruggedized data storage solutions in various formats, whether in the form of components, modules, SSDs or even complete storage cards (VPX 3U and 6U) .
Such solutions are designed with innovative technologies and are subject to robustness tests to guarantee reliability under severe conditions (extreme temperatures ranging from -55 ° C to 125 ° C and above, humidity, dust) and resistance to shock and vibration. For industrial, military, aeronautical or space applications, these products guarantee you optimal and flawless operation of your digital systems and mass memories.

Secure data storage ///

The challenge is major: Make inaccessible to unauthorized people, digital content or content recorded on media, whether related to industrial know-how or during critical missions. But we have a relevant proposition to this puzzle, with our secure data storage solutions. Designed specifically for this type of problem, we offer and memory modules SSD hard drives equipped with encryption and failure protection functions but also and above all with hardware or software means for destroying data in the event of unauthorized intrusion attempts.
Both for military use or for specific security needs in drones for example, our solutions can provide you with a simple and effective solution for maximum protection of your data.


Encryption and Compression ///


With the explosion in the number of sensors (IOT) and mobility needs, the amounts of data to be stored are becoming gigantic, but fortunately, we have relevant solutions for managing data storage in order to minimize the volume of data and keep it secure.
– For small embedded systems, the solutions described above are generally sufficient with various encryption options or, as on some of our storage cards (VPX 3U or 6U), the presence of onboard intelligence for compression in real time.
– For larger servers, even at the scale of Datacenters, we offer hardware acceleration modules in SSD formats (U.2 or M.2), connected directly to hard disks in PCIe or NVMe, in order to optimize the compression and encryption of stored data, or to perform complex deduplication or Erasure Coding functions.