Rugged Power converters ///

The diversity of energy sources and electronic equipments creates strong constraints on power supplies and power conversion systems, which must offer the best possible efficiency while guaranteeing high reliability, especially in harsh environments. Whether for DC-DC, AC-DC or DC-AC power conversion, including also complete UPS or GCU units, we are proposing a wide range of products designed for military air, ground and naval applications, meeting the most demanding quality and standards. Available as compact MIL-STD modules or chassis, as embedded systems or as 3U or 6U VPX boards, we are providing high end products to serve all your requirements for power conversion and energy distribution in extreme environments.

rugged power converters

Transfos, inductors and windings ///


The performance of energy conversion and power supply systems closely depends on the quality of transformers and windings that are at their core. However, the specification and the realization of this type of product require a lot of know-how and experience to adapt them as well as possible to each use case.
This is what we offer with assistance in the specification and custom development of electromagnetic products of all kinds, whether inductors (filtering, PFC), transformers (gate-Drive, Pulse or current), or specific windings such as Hall effect sensors, optimized to your size and cost needs, with the most appropriate materials and according to the configuration of your choice (Planar, SMT, torroidal).
These solutions are UL-certifiable and are available over wide temperature ranges, including high-frequency and high-insulation products.

EMC filters ///

When the electromagnetic compatibility of power supply systems matters or to guarantee controlled levels of performance like during certification phases, it may be necessary to add dedicated filtering modules. We offer a wide range of standard and custom EMC filters, ready and easy to use. Such solutions are available for DC or AC power supplies (single-phase or three-phase) or even for dV / dT.

Our know-how assures you of high reliability solutions for the reduction of parasitic emissions as well as immunization to internal or external interferences at optimized costs with optionnal certifications.

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Batteries ///

Mise en scène

Without entering into an esoteric debate, energy is everywhere around us. The greatest difficulty, besides converting its various forms (solar, wind, hydraulic, biomass) into electricity, is to define the most appropriate energy storage solutions. Our range of batteries is part of an eco-responsible sustainable energy approach, with a range of new generation products, intelligent, durable, efficient, secure and made in France.
Whether for stationary applications or for mobility, we offer off-the-shelf solutions and tailor-made products to offer you an ideal solution for your projects.