Transformers ///

The performances of energy conversion systems for electric vehicle chargers, inverters around solar panels or for any type of power supply, is closely depending on the quality of the transformer which is at the heart of these systems. While the principle of operation often remains the same, the specification and realization of suitable products requires a lot of know-how and expertise.

This is what we offer with the tailor-made development of transformers (gate-Drive, Pulse or current), optimized to your needs of size and costs, with the most suitable materials and according to the configuration of your choice (Planar , SMT, torroidal). These solutions are UL certifiable and are available over wide temperature ranges, including high frequency products and high level of insulation.

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Windings & Inductances ///


In order to perform filtering around AC or DC power supplies and power systems, for form factor correction (PFC) and even for current measurement (hall effect), we offer various inductors and windings. Our offer includes some catalog and cross-reference products, but we mainly propose tailor-made development of such electromagnetic components to adapt the shape, materials, performance or price to your needs.

Our product lines can be certified to various industry standards (eg UL) with dedicated manufacturing plants, and we can cover from small production volumes of a few hundred parts per year to Millions.

EMC filters ///

When the electromagnetic compatibility of power supply systems matters or to guarantee controlled levels of performance like during certification phases, it may be necessary to add dedicated filtering modules. We offer a wide range of standard and custom EMC filters, ready and easy to use. Such solutions are available for DC or AC power supplies (single-phase or three-phase) or even for dV / dT.

Our know-how assures you of high reliability solutions for the reduction of parasitic emissions as well as immunization to internal or external interferences at optimized costs with optionnal certifications.

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Battery ///

Mise en scène

Without entering into an esoteric debate, energy is everywhere around us. The greatest difficulty, besides converting its various forms (solar, wind, hydraulic, biomass) into electricity, is to define the most appropriate energy storage solutions. Our range of batteries is part of an eco-responsible sustainable energy approach, with a range of new generation products, intelligent, durable, efficient, secure and made in France.
Whether for stationary applications or for mobility, we offer off-the-shelf solutions and tailor-made products to offer you an ideal solution for your projects.