Vision and Lighting

Industrial vision platform ///


Thanks to our fully reconfigurable and modular machine vision platforms, it is possible to quickly build visual inspection, video-surveillance or image and pattern recognition systems. These scalable solutions integrate strong computing capacities around several video acquisition channels (multi-protocols) as well as synchronization options for these streams. Other resources for artificial intelligence, instrumentation, wired or wireless communications could also be added in order to realize true edge computing solutions as close as possible to the cameras.

With such platforms, you can quickly develop an industrial solution adapted to your various use cases and refine or streamline your production processes.

LVDS video links (APIX) ///

The explosion in the number of screens and cameras in the automobile and transport sectors, with huge data flows that intersect, could generate electromagnetics effects that could affects security devices and on-board electronics. To overcome this problem, we offer an innovative automotive certified solution, with very high speed SERDES (LVDS / APIX links) components (12Gbps without compression and up to 30Gbps in DSC), for remote video transmission over a minimum of wires (coaxial or STP cables).
To limit the number of connectors and cables and thus reduce costs, these products offer daisy-chaining capabilities on multiple displays and bidirectional transport of ancillary data (Ethernet, SPI, I2C, audio, visual effects LEDs) as well as power supplies. A simple and effective concept for all multimedia needs in new generation vehicles


Inova Semiconductors

LEDs drivers  ///

Thanks to LEDs, indoor and outdoor lighting, both in transport and in everyday life, has become more sophisticated and dynamic. In an innovative approach, contrasting with usual solutions, our drivers can drive in series (via only 2 wires) several thousand LEDs (independent, linear or panels), with a considerable simplification of implementation and routing.
Also available as LED modules with factory pre-calibration, the effort of integration into production is minimized for better TTM.
It is therefore an ideal solution for any application requiring reliability, quality and high performance such as in the automotive industry, for dynamic ambient lighting, with significant savings in costs and development times.


Micro-Cameras ///

If the use of various cameras for video surveillance has exploded recently, there are still applications for which they must be as small as possible (for medical applications for example), the lightest (drones) or as discreet as possible to be undetectable. In this case, we have expertise in micro-cameras, sometimes smaller than a match which could integrate various electronic functions for remote transmission, or even local pre-processing.
Our offer includes a few catalog products, but we can propose tailor-made developments to meet all your requests for miniaturization and optimization of the mechanical format or the weight of your video acquisition systems.

Camera Miniature