MicroTCA (µTCA)  ///

To meet the demand for high performance, interoperability and scalability required by many applications, we offer a whole range of technological building blocks based on the MicroTCA (MTCA/µTCA) standard, which is now very widespread and appreciated in the industrial and scientific world.
Whether for infrastructure (chassis, MCH, power supply, high-precision clocks), calculations (CPUs, FPGA, DSP), communications or signal acquisition (analog, digital), our solutions can be used independently or combined together to build embedded systems, test benches and instrumentation, both during R&D phases and for field deployment.


Acquisition platform and FMC  ///

Software defined radio

Reducing TTM (Time to Market) in the industry often means reusing existing and proven hardware with minimal modifications for new generations of products. The use of generic and reconfigurable digital platforms such as our FPGA boards, supporting scalable and agile FMC modules, allows you to upgrade your embedded systems at lower costs, with limited risks.
Our solutions allow you to benefit from a well controlled processing and communication core, with modular FMC mezzanines to better the interfaces to the application and the kind of input/output required. It is then possible to quickly develop an analog and digital signal acquisition platform for process monitoring or control, to develop new wired or wireless communication links or to acquire data from cameras or various sensors.

Real-time processing ///

When applications have huge response time constraints following the arrival of an event or information, it is necessary to have a complete and balanced chain of acquisition, processing and communication to avoid any bottleneck.
Our solutions around FPGAs and DSPs are perfectly adapted since these deterministic architectures present important computing capacities matching the wide incoming and outgoing bandwidths to ensure real time response.  Proposed in the form of boards in various industrial standards (VPX, AMC, PCIe), these solutions offer a wide variety of interfaces along with adaptable and reconfigurable computing power, for better control of the entire acquisition and processing chain.

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Timing and precision clocks ///

Produit seven solutions

Whether for physical instrumentation or for industrial, computing or communications systems, it is sometimes necessary to rely on a very high-precision clock reference that is above all synchronized over very long distances. We propose various technologies to create complete infrastructures for the generation and distribution of clocks and very precise timing for instrumentation (switches, network interfaces, clock distribution, mezzanines, triggers).
These solutions are based on PTP, SyncE (1588) or GPS signals, but also on White Rabbit (which is booming in the scientific and industrial world), to offer all these deterministics and high precision mechanisms around clock signals (below the nanosecond) that could also address some requirements for harsh environmental conditions and underground applications.