High speed transmission (>100Gbps)  ///

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To meet the growing demands of data to be exchanged, EMG2 offers versatile and fully reconfigurable cards with multiple SFP/QSFP cages to easily adapt to any kind of protocol and communication mode from 1Gbps to over 400 Gbps per link. Such solutions offer huge bandwidths (more than 1TB/s per card) concentrated around a high-performance computing node for very low latency and real-time processing needs. Available in PCIe format with an optionnal pre-integration into servers, they are ideal solutions for all high-end data transmission needs, whether for anti-DDoS, network analysis functions, smartNICs, flow aggregation, smart switches/routers but also for High Frequency Trading (HFT) solutions.


To ensure the scalability of wireless network communications infrastructures and to keep up with the constant evolution of wireless communication protocols (3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, …), EMG2 offers compact and modular SDR boards with large computing resources (FPGA and processors) coupled with versatile and wideband RF interfaces. Such solutions can be easily integrated into embedded systems, test and measurement benches or base stations (BTS, eNB, gNB). They offer all the agility required for this type of application and could be combined together or with additionnal resources to achieve more global MIMO, M-MIMO or beamforming functions and adapt to the many wireless communication modes.

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IoT Gateway and private networks ///

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While the NB-IoT protocol tends to stand out from its competitors to support the explosion of connected objects, a wide variety of other dedicated protocols remains on the IoT market, based on existing network infrastructures (cellular networks) or more specific ones. Due to such uncertainty, and to respond more broadly to the future scalability needs of infrastructures and test systems, EMG2 offers a modular and versatile IoT platform, enabling various wireless and wired networks to be interconnected around flexible and reconfigurable computing resources. Available in a compact and embedded package, this versatile IoT Gateway represents a simple and efficient solution to existing and future issues.

Rugged networking ///

The flow of data and multimedia information to be exchanged is increasing everywhere, including in harsch environments such as in military or aeronautical application. Our diversified offer of Ethernet switches and routers up to 10Gbps, USB hubs and network media converters meet all the SWaP constraints of such applications. Available in various form factors, whether in modules, as VPX boards or as fully integrated embedded systems in MIL-STD packages, these rugged solutions are ready to be deployed in the field, while meeting the most demanding norms and quality standards.

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